A speedy rant.

8:22 am

We don’t soak up life enough.

We don’t want our dreams bad enough.

We blame others too much.

We are successful where we are calloused.

We don’t look at the stars enough.

Remember your first day on the job. Where’d the joy and passion go?

There were things left unfinished yesterday. Unacceptable.

Now is the most important minute of the day. (It’s always now)

We should challenge the status quo more often.

Your plan got you here.

We forget to pray. Not in the cliché sense – I’m talking truly connecting with Infinite Intelligence.

Art. Career. Family. Purpose. = Life = Joy. Hope. Passion. Etc. = What we’re really after.

Fly fishing should be required to be taught in all public schools.

We need your music. The noise is getting out of control.

Music’s antonym is accident.

We are all Olympians in something.

We’ve got one shot at this thing.

Let the music play. No, today – make it play.

8:27 am #LTMP

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