Profits are synonymous with music. They’re a byproduct of doing the right things over and over and over again.

Love is synonymous with music. It can’t be pinpointed to just one thing. It’s patient, it’s kind, it’s forgiving, it doesn’t want what it doesn’t have, it doesn’t strut, it keeps going in the end, and more.

Success is synonymous with music. It’s the byproduct of the right strategy, taken with the right measures, at the right time.

The same goes for raising a child, living your life, and, really – anything that is worth doing. Not only can it be musical, it is meant to be musical.

And here’s the thing – your road to music and your instruments may differ from mine. After all, there’s dancing at both the nightclub and the honky-tonk, right?

Chances are that “thing” you’re seeking after is some metaphorical form of music –  you just may have never heard it put this way.

Greatness in all aspects of life takes on some form of composition.

So where does one go from here?


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