The Most Productive Word…

is no.

That’s tough, though, when we want to, and at some point need to, say yes to email, text, people, friends, relationships, golf, twitter, and for some of you – The Kardashians. The need to be kept up with, right?

This is where noise comes in. Noise is the byproduct of giving into your wants at the inappropriate time. Noise is anything that robs your musical moments. Noise is out for itself, and ridiculously jealous of your music. Noise knows nothing of meaning or fulfillment.

Look at that…no is the first two letters of noise (just saw that….interesting).

Music, on the other hand, comes from doing what you have to do when you have to do it.

To give proper attention to the music we all long to make, we must say no to noise.

No song ever wrote itself.

No goal was ever obtained through occasional proper action.

So in a world that appears to have a million yes boxes to check off, where does one start?


Go small.

Have one box to check. Say no to the other 999,999 boxes.

Smaller worlds lead to bigger lives and even bigger music.

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One thought on “The Most Productive Word…

  1. mrsg1 says:

    I like the analogy in this blog post. Rich. Deep. Simple. Thank you. I can remember this message.

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