Beautiful = Right

Beauty, at its core, stands for and means that which is right. Not the kind of beauty that is graded in Miss America pageants, but the kind that unfolds in moments of awe.

The next time you hear someone say “look how beautiful” – think of them saying “look how right.” That, after all, is what they’re trying to convey when they’re lost in orchids, sunsets, mountains, or a child’s laughter, right? Such rightness makes us tremble.

So we give…we give ourself to pointing out, outlining, exposing, sharing and creating this kind of beauty. For her role is endless. She’s needed in our businesses, she’s now a must in our products, she is service, she sings in our art, she’s the one special part of our latest favorite song, she’s the purpose of poetry, and she makes our head nod up and down in our fulfillment.

When you get it right you’ve got yourself something beautiful. And when you’ve created beauty you’ve done something right.

Beauty is the universal agreement to such rightness. Put her into all things.

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