A Fresh Start

Monday, for me, always holds some freshness. Actually all mornings do as well.

For most people, it appears that simply starting is the hardest part of any journey. I feel that a bit of that burden is lifted when you start from a place of newness – a place that’s fresh.

Yes, all of your steps that you have taken got you to where you are on this Monday. But the gospel of Monday is that your steps taken today will take you wherever you decide and choose them to. We can’t hear that enough can we? We decide and choose our reality.

We probably need to ask ourselves what do we want next Monday and what do we want 10 years of Mondays from now.

We can’t change the past, but 7 days from today they will refer to today as the past. And like or not, we all are holding the pen, in real-time, that’s about to write out this Monday.

The old is gone and the future is waiting for you to write it. You are the author, narrator, and protagonist.

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One thought on “A Fresh Start

  1. denny bishop says:

    Another strong thought.

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