This Is Dating We’re Talking About and the Incumbent Thinks He’s Married

The biz/customer relationship is a constant dating cycle with sporadic and one-and-done ‘I do’s’.

The is a hard truth, though, for the business owner that feels his product or service is superior to his customer’s needs. Reality check – they will go elsewhere if the dating goes bad.

If you’re looking to start something, go into a market where the incumbent is convinced he’s married to his clientele. Remember, business is like dating and rarely a marriage. Find an incumbent who has become lazy in his dating.

I’m convinced the one who cares – really cares – and shows it by word and deed is the one most likely to get the girl, the vote, or the business. Empathy begets loyalty.

It’s crazy what happens when someone is told they’re pretty, smart, and worth it from a stranger. And even crazier when the stranger shows up tomorrow, again, with flowers and something nice to say.

Business is a romantic way to say ‘this is not about me.’

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