The Reflections That Lay Over Us Today and Shadow Our Tomorrows

Daily success is about chiseling, refining, and then moving towards incremental change because of the awareness gained in the reflection of what was chiseled and refined.

An artist sees that ‘this’ points to ‘that’, he notices undertones, he sees calm in chaos, he makes note of hints, and he never steps out of his symphonic experience. He knows the music is everywhere with just one price per ticket: attention.

Great days are pushed with whimsical reflection from yesterday and pulled by inspired shadows cast over an unseen tomorrow.

Be pushed and be pulled today. For it is in this balance, this yen and yang, that we arrive at days we can call great.

Yesterday wants to know it was worth it, today wants its fulfillment, and tomorrow needs you to pull back the drapes.

It’s good to be back.

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One thought on “The Reflections That Lay Over Us Today and Shadow Our Tomorrows

  1. mrsg1 says:

    praise be!

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