The Right Time

You may have the right product or the right idea and you may even have a scenario for what you perceive to be as the right place, but if it isn’t the right time for the person on the other side of the exchange, chances are there will not be an exchange.

And that’s ok.

So the proper focus and goals for our days should not be to maneuver scripts and dialogues to get people from a place of not being to buy to being ready to buy, but simply to love, serve, and clothe our relationships in The Golden Rule.

You can’t create the right time for people buy something or buy into you, but you can love and serve in the meantime until the time is right for them.

If you’ve done so, rest assured, the knock at the door will come soon.

A purchase is the byproduct of trust and trust is the byproduct of love and service.

Here’s the deal…there isn’t an hour, moment, or day where love and service aren’t welcomed. For such things, it’s always the right place and the right time.

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