Why Now Is So Important

To begin with, what happens now is the primary predictor of what will happen next.

Take this a step further, and what you do now will play a huge role, if not the primary role, in what you do next. What you hear now will effect what you hear next. What you see now will effect what you see next. How you are and where you are tomorrow will always point back to now.

We need to get lost and found in the now.

Lost in the sense that it’s the creative playtime where our art is thought, designed, crafted, and given to the world.

Found in the sense that our focus is locked in because we know that ‘now’ is the line that connects us to the next dot.

We’re artists. We’re givers. We’re dot connectors.

Now is here.

Now is the time.

Now is what we’ve got.

People always want to know what’s next. I say we get to know our nows (that’s the brave and tough work), and what’s next will naturally show its face.

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