Eclecticism: Weird and Random Blending Into True and Right

Look at fashion, note the popular decor, gaze at the arts, listen to the latest music, observe the commercial space, and taste the culinary experience that is successfully unfolding in the world today and you’ll notice one thing from those that are winning: eclecticism.

We are starting to see that as we pull from different genres and the random, typically unused space, this eclecticism is giving life a spring-like aroma, robust flavor, and symphonic sound.

It plays out like this…The technology company studies humanities. The bar learns from the church and vice versa. The dad learns from the child. And we learn from each other as we are passed to each other. In other words, you are a hint towards the greater good for me – and I to you.

In the end we agree that we are one and it’s our oneness, compiled with the eclecticism of our uniqueness, that makes it all – life, family, business – worth it.

You want meaning, purpose, and fulfillment from your life’s music?

Know that bluegrass fingers can learn a lot from a blue-jazz soul.

Mix. Match. Spezatto.

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