The Youniversity of Why

You and why.

To define one is to define them both.

Show me a man or woman with a ‘why’ and I’ll show you someone who isn’t wondering what, when, where, or how to do their some-thing.

Your something is your why.

Your why is the theme of your life. Your why is your constant living and breathing verb. Your why is your metaphor – your meaning, purpose, and fulfillment that sails just below the surface. Your why isn’t who you think you are or who you think we think you are – it is simply…who…you…are…meant…to be…and become.

Which leads us back to you.

So why you? In short, only you can fulfill such a unique, stand-alone, and divine cause.

And herein lies the holiest of all pursuits: that we would become what we are meant to be.

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