What’s At The End of Your Fork?

Or maybe the more appropriate question is, what are your craving to be at the end of your fork?

Most times we give into the cravings. Because no matter the diet, we crave the foods of that diet. A bad diet craves bad foods. A good diet craves good foods.

Back to your fork.

What’s at the end of it?





One thing our culture can never seem get full on is stories. Great stories. Stories with well nourished characters.

So when you live a great story, in a way, those around you are well nourished – i.e. – inspired and encouraged to be alive in their own story.

Or put another way, when you nourish yourself, you give light and direction towards what will nourish others into their own great stories. Life, at its core, is a constant conversation about our metaphorical diets.

Alas, your story isn’t your fork’s fault.

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