Enter Today

It’s not yesterday. And it’s not tomorrow.

There are some handshakes approaching today. Be there. Be there with them. Lock hands, lock eyes.

There’s a hug you’re to give you in your story today. Give it well. Leave the recipient better than you found them.

Discover something new. Smile in reflection of the newness now known.

Tend your metaphorical gardens of life, relationships, and business. Till the field. Sow some seeds. Pray for rain. Harvest if something’s ripe.

Turn a stranger into a friend.


Laugh. Laugh hard.

See what the sun is touching. See all of it. There’s enough light to not just look, but also see.

And stop and listen to today.

Be still and quiet enough so that you may hear what today is trying to relay your way.

It’s alive. It’s with us. It’s here. It’s now.

Will you join all of the music that is unfolding around you today?

Music is 1% possibility and 99% participation.

Say yes.

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2 thoughts on “Enter Today

  1. dolceniente says:

    Great one!

    XOXO, Ann-Hayden 417-440-1422 http://www.xoxosweets.wordpress.com


  2. Tanya says:

    Saying Yes and Amen!

    Tanya Murphy AG Real Estate


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