The seasons teach us about ‘again’. Again the rains fall, again the blooms burst, again the leaves do their maroon curl, and again the snow weds the earth.

Your lungs do the same. One breath…and again, another. And again, another breath. This is why nothing is closer to us than our breath. Its song is the opportunity of consistency.

Tonight’s sunset and tomorrow’s sunrise are interlocking hands that lead us into whatever we may have the opportunity to experience or partake in again.

Scarcity tactics of the mind add fuel to the fiery fear that their won’t be another ‘again’, again.

But abundance, if we’ll pay close enough attention to it, tells us this whole place is available to be beautifully experienced on replay.

So we sow, and again it blooms.

The big rules are not ones we need to rewrite.

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One thought on “Again

  1. Tanya says:

    LOVED THIS POST!!!!! Wow!

    Tanya Murphy AG Real Estate


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