Episode 32: Holstee Co-Founder Mike Radparvar

The recession hit and Mike Radparvar decided with his brother and a friend to start something new. That something new would be a New York based company they would call Holstee. But more than just create a company that would create a living for these entrepreneurs, they wanted to curate and stand for something that would help them facilitate the making of a life worth living. That’s when they wrote the Holstee Manifesto and one hundred million clicks later, they are still trying to find the words for what they have on their hands. Holstee now has inspired millions across the globe and offers an incredible monthly subscription that provides a space for subscribers to reflect on what matters the most and explores one mindful theme each month through art, words, and action.


Mike Radparvar co-found of Holstee


Mike joins us in Episode 32 at Let The Music Play Podcast as we talk about creativity, leadership, curiosity, and the art of designing the life you want live and lead.


The Holstee Manifesto

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