The A-Z Manifesto.

Ask often.

Be yourself.

Curate daily.





Heal what needs healing.

Investigate where you’re curious.


Know your values and ask them to lead you.

Love. And when it doesn’t work, love again. And again.

Make music.

‘No’ changes everything.

Order. Disorder. Reorder.

Pause by orchids. Practice silence. Plow your field.

Questions are the greatest answers.

Responding > Reacting.

Simple is luxurious.

Take a sabbath.

Uncertainty tells a better story than certainty.

Value people.

Wholeness won’t happen without you gathering the pieces.

X marks the spot that’s called your soul. Don’t forget about X.

‘Yes’ is a gift you get to give. And you only have so many you can give.

Zeal + Humility + Humanity multiplied over time = a story worth repeating.


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