Normal, Usual, & Mundane.

Start with your breath.

Find a way to see and seize this moment by just the inhale and exhale of each breath.

Nothing special, right?

But what would the next minute be like without that breath?

Now imagine the hour with out it.

Now the day.

Now the year.

Now your life.

Once you can come to know each inhale and exhale as a gift you can then start to see the vast generosity of the world and space you’ve been entrusted.

To center in and with your breath is to become aware…and the degree to which we are cognizant of our being, electricity, and flow within us is the same degree to which we will experience and understand every minute that is being ushered into existence around us.

Notice there isn’t a right way to breathe….there isn’t a left way to breathe either….and there isn’t a female way to breathe…and there isn’t a male way to breathe…there isn’t an old way to breathe…and there isn’t a young way to breathe.

There’s simply breath and breathing.

And once the moment has become still enough for you to see that the universal playing field is level, the only appropriate reflex will be to just start doing things and gifting things so that humanity can play in the universe.





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