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Discepolo di Esperienza

Leonardo da Vinci was a man mindful of his moments and what they were capable of authoring.

He consistently reminded those around him to be (and become) a discepolo di esperienza – a disciple of experience.

Our music is our experience: the feel, taste, beauty, and aroma of our meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

So what does discipleship look like for you?

I think it can only be defined as more and more refinement, clarity, and framework around the experience (music) that you are in pursuit of.

One who disciples someone lives a life that shows (not demands) how to do something.

Show us.

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Revolutions and the art of gardening

Revolutions follow the law of process and the law of cause and effect.

A heart revolution will start a mind revolution that starts a hands revolution that sparks an action revolution that leads to a change for the better revolution.

If you want a revolution on your hands that will eventually dent the world, it must first start in your chest.

Nevertheless, the act of gardening > knowing how your garden grows.

You say you want a revolution? Think heart, think soil, think gardening, then let the Muse do His thing.

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