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Leonardo da Vinci was a relentless note taker. He literally left behind thousands and thousands of pages with his thoughts, interpretations, suspicions, and beliefs about anything and everything.

If one is to thumb through his notes, they will consistently find the words “Dimmi” written over and over.

Dimmi is translated as ‘tell me’ in Italian.

This has rattled me.

It appears that there were very few thoughts, moments, and wonders where da Vinci didn’t ask to be taught or offer himself as a student of what could be illuminated in the scene transpiring before him.

There’s so much this place wants to tell us.

Ask and you shall receive.

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Discepolo di Esperienza

Leonardo da Vinci was a man mindful of his moments and what they were capable of authoring.

He consistently reminded those around him to be (and become) a discepolo di esperienza – a disciple of experience.

Our music is our experience: the feel, taste, beauty, and aroma of our meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

So what does discipleship look like for you?

I think it can only be defined as more and more refinement, clarity, and framework around the experience (music) that you are in pursuit of.

One who disciples someone lives a life that shows (not demands) how to do something.

Show us.

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Fewer, Less, Shorter…

The future will belong to:

  • The products with fewer buttons.
  • The websites with the less gap between consumer click and human response.
  • The shorter blogs and shorter books.

Say adios to all your bells and whistles.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationLeonardo da Vinci

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