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Lean Into It

The games of cynicism, pessimism, guilt, and shame are some of the most popular games we are sold. And for those who choose to play them, they’re the only game in town. Finger pointing is the only cost to play. And who can’t afford that?

But they don’t have to be your games.

Actually, you can leave the world of games altogether and enter into the beautiful realm of experience.

And this experience will give you the opportunity to risk being seen.

The risk is being seen as your True Name. The Name you came here with and the Name you’ll leave with.


Now you will always have new windows to look into and out of, a variety of lenses to observe with, and a kaleidoscope of meaning to breathe the world in and out with.

Lean into love.

Scoop it up with all of your being.

Swim with it.

Soak it in.

And then offer it back as gift.

Only in this risk will you step into what you were originally whispered to be.

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