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The Fear of 1

We dream in surplus.

We often think and boast in numbers far north of 1.

We are society that high fives with thousands of ‘followers’, millions of dollars, and ‘billions and billions served.’

And yet we fear, neglect, oversee, and underestimate the simple number of one.

We fear the answer may be no, so we don’t ask once.

We don’t make time to write 20 notes, so we choose to not write one.

We don’t have time to read 10 books, so we decide to not open one.

You wouldn’t believe what one simple hello can do to one distraught soul.

One day can change a year.

One conversation can change a life.

One moment can change the world.

This is just one post that we probably need to read twice. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. This day, today, is the one we know we have.

Whatever number you’re seeking, you can’t get there without the help of or traveling through 1.


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