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What The Sunrise Said

What happens when the arts, a poetic experience, and the metaphor of music become the backbone of our lives, our families, and our economy?

I think only the future holds this answer, but it’s our role to move into the question and become the answer as the future unfolds.

You have a canvas. This canvas we speak of is your life. If you can, splash it with colors of joy, bravery, and whimsy…shadow it with purpose, meaning, and fullfilment…frame it with hope.

You have a stage. This stage is your business or your place to make change. And on that stage you probably have a phone that is a radio, that is a media company, that is the pony express, and that is your microphone and gateway to the world.

You have some sort of family…be it through blood or relationship. It’s your job to provide its theme.

This place is becoming less and less about science and arithmetic and more and more about the arts, music, and poetry.

This is what the sunrise has been trying to get us to hear.

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