You In The Raw

May these words free you.

Today, you can throw away your slide rule, your graphing calculator, your spreadsheets, your iPod, your compass, your protractor, your ruler, your telescope, your microscope, your graphing paper, your laptop, your cell phone, and even your iPad. They’re helpful, but not necessary.

Today, you can stop pointing at the past, the people, and problems you feel have held you back.

It’s not your God-given name, nor your background, nor your tools (or lack there of) that will take you to the success you long for.

You were pre-installed with every bit of hardware and software that you would need before the foundations of the world were created. In other words, your God-given guts and hands are just waiting for you to boot up.

Listen….You can be named Bubba, never have had a professional lesson, and still champion whatever field, sector, or industry you’re looking to master.

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3 thoughts on “You In The Raw

  1. Debbie Wells says:

    Good post but could I get you to expand on this a little, perhaps into a book for teens. There is a lot ot be said for those who do not stay within some predetermined boundary set by the norm, for those who venture off the beaten path and discover a new and better trail. I am working on a concept with my daughter that covers the idea that a person can not alway be a follower, and that sometimes a person has to step up and lead, especially if that person wants to get to where they truly want to be. It is hard to realize your full potential when you follow someone else, for you will be limited by what the other individual is able to accomplish. There is so much truth in the fact that while a person may not have everything that those around them have, God has given him every bit of what is necessary to succeed. That person just has to have the courage to go forth and do great things. I read a few of your posts, and I do believe if you wrote a book that my teenager would read it. I write stuff for my kid and I eventually find it in her closet. I think your book might actually wind up on her bookshelf. I guess kids get tired of stuff from their own parents.

  2. Debbie Wells says:

    I actually had no idea that you wrote anything. I told my husband that I was checking into a new realtor, and I found the blog which I find as equally exciting as the possibility of actually finding someone who can sell real estate. Even if you decide not to list our property, I still want to buy the book. You write very well. I have a very smart teenager. I can get her to read your work. You present substance without being boring. I instructed my child to venture from Youtube to your blog and check it out, so that she would see that other folks in the world say the same things that I tell her. I’ll be glad when the book is out. I don’t think that I’ll find your work on the floor in her closet under her dirty clothes, which is where I found mine 🙂 . thanks

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