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Conventional Wisdom and Green Jackets

Conventional wisdom is the body of ideas or explanations generally accepted as true by the public or by experts in a field.

But it has a hard time predicting what really will unfold.

It didn’t plan on Wichita State being in the Final Four.

It never saw the potential for a billion Facebook users.

And it has a hard time defining and wrapping its hands around art, beauty, experience, fulfillment, and meaning.

So why buy into it?

Why pursue it at the cost of losing everything you are actually after?

Metaphorically, all of us want a green jacket in something. But here’s the deal – all of the green jacket owners you have seen or know have taken very unconventional paths to get there.

Shape your shots and release yourself from the crutch of conventional thinking.

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You In The Raw

May these words free you.

Today, you can throw away your slide rule, your graphing calculator, your spreadsheets, your iPod, your compass, your protractor, your ruler, your telescope, your microscope, your graphing paper, your laptop, your cell phone, and even your iPad. They’re helpful, but not necessary.

Today, you can stop pointing at the past, the people, and problems you feel have held you back.

It’s not your God-given name, nor your background, nor your tools (or lack there of) that will take you to the success you long for.

You were pre-installed with every bit of hardware and software that you would need before the foundations of the world were created. In other words, your God-given guts and hands are just waiting for you to boot up.

Listen….You can be named Bubba, never have had a professional lesson, and still champion whatever field, sector, or industry you’re looking to master.

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