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Your Human Hardware


Great for introducing yourself to others and making things out of other things. Service is their functionality.


Great for seeing – but seeing what no one else does in the moment, in the art, or in the chaos. Blessed is he whose eyes give him vision.


Unfathomable processing speeds and comes preloaded with the latest creative software. All studies show this is one’s greatest gift.


Created to be put into and/or given to some thing, cause, passion or idea. Guard it above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Prov 4:23


Are you being or becoming fully you?


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound  ourselves.”
– Thomas A Edison

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What a Difference a Week Makes

From Monday July 16 – Sunday July 22, my eyes and ears crossed paths with the following truths and people.

I heard at a conference this week that – Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility. Grant Cardone

Last night on Twitter I saw – Every time we see someone God made as just ordinary, we turn the wine back into water. Bobb Goff

At a lunch meeting I was told – Investing is not about your rate of return, it’s really about your spending. My Mentor

In the book I started on Saturday the author wrote – Success is never owned, it is only rented, and the rent is due every day. Rory Vaden – Take The Stairs

This is beauty unlocked in mentorship. This is the beauty found in the connectivity of social media. This is the beauty hidden in books.

This is why this blog is constantly about connecting, idea swapping, dreaming, learning, and changing. Because when we change, we then have taken the first step to changing the world.

Until we, musicians, are exposed to other thoughts, ideas, and expressions – we’ll just keep making the same old records year after year. Sure they may sell, but we won’t be fulfilled.

Happy Monday. #LTMP




Where’s Your Value?

The anthem in our business is that we seek to be value focused – which will achieve results – instead of being results focused and hoping to add value.

So your idea, product, or service isn’t selling?

Chances are the market’s perceived value of what you are offering is less than the price you are asking or charging.

The market never stops asking “where’s your value?” Check yourself.


What Does Small Have to do with Growth?

Go to Barnes and Noble and walk by any self-help or business section. I don’t know the figures, but getting you and I to grow (spiritually, physically, financially, etc,) has to be a billion dollar industry.

But why is there no growth? Why is the economy stalled? Why are we the same December 31 as we were January 1. Why do we set out to make music, but end up with noise?

The answer is quite simple: we don’t like small.

We prefer play over practice.

But it’s the small steps of action that lead to big results.

The driving range is the quickest route to a PGA Tour card. 50 calls will lead to the sale. Start with a 1/4 mile and soon you’ll be at a marathon.

We avoid the small, typically, because it’s not noticed.

Do the small day after day after day after day after day and you won’t be forgotten.

Your growth is contingent on your dreaming bigger and acting smaller.

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Music Class

The reason so many claim that they’re not “musical” probably dates back to their elementary music class.

We never were just handed the mic or a drumstick with the opportunity to jam.

We were handed a 100 page book on reading sheet music, it confused us, and now we claim we have no music capability.

We were taught that music is very proper. We were taught it is mathematical.

Our Intro to Music 101 was a semester about rules.

The same goes for most business school classes.

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