The New Rules Aren’t So New

If there are any new rules, they’re just a repeat of the ones we were originally taught kindergarten.

Be nice to one another. Share. Say please and thank you.

This is good news as humanity and soul get to inch back into our businesses and have an active role in our measurements of success and, honestly, even our profitability.

So you have a choice to make. You can keep on keeping on until you have no choice but to participate in the new rules. You can keep pointing at the numbers and asking their opinion. Or, you can take an active role in re-writing the rules for your industry, customer, or tribe. You can point at the soul and ask her thoughts on the matters in question. I think it’s safe to assume, today, that she may have more insight than your spreadsheet does.

NEWSFLASH! The rat race just became a music recital. And aren’t we glad this is so?


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