Discipline: The Code & The Shovel

Imagine having had the chance of being behind the scene’s with the likes of Tiger Woods, Picasso, or Edison. Imagine being in Tiger’s gym. Think of Pablo’s studio. Picture Thomas’ lab.

There’s no doubt we would be convicted and probably shocked with the surplus of do-overs, thrown away drafts, ruined canvases, and sheer commitment.

If we were there we would see discipline. Nothing more – nothing less.

Discipline is the code to the artist’s padlock of imagination.

There’s art in all of us and it’s discipline that digs it out.

We often underestimate what we have to do to get what we want to have done.

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2 thoughts on “Discipline: The Code & The Shovel

  1. Williams, Kyle says:

    Hey man, awesome words. I was just using that word “discipline” this week as I was visiting with my son about his book selling in Virginia. That one word is all we really need to know, or try to initiate in our lives. Good stuff Ashton. Kyle

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