We all have gardens that obey the universal laws of harvest.

Cultivate the garden and the garden grows and blooms brilliantly with beauty and produce. Neglect the garden and the weeds spread and eventually take over. With either choice there’s an aftermath of growth.

Your art is a garden. Your family is a garden. Your career is a garden. Your hope is garden. Your passion is a garden. Let’s go deep…your soul is a garden. Let’s go wide…your life is a garden.

No matter your garden, your job isn’t to simply show up.

Your job is to cultivate day after day. Rain, sleet, snow, or shine.

Like it or not, something is going to grow.

Weeds: Noise. Flowers : Music.

And lucky farmer is an oxymoron.

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One thought on “Gardens

  1. Charlie Prothro says:

    So true….like the oxymoron farmer

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