Paying Homage

Think of those things you honor and respect.

These could be people, ideas, principles, relationships, values, hobbies, etc.

When we daily pay homage to these things, we get in return a form of mutual respect.

The instrument(s) we play, or long to play, will respect our respect of the time involved to get to know them and their ways.

However, you can only appropriately pay homage to a few things well.

Example: If you want your life’s music to be about Generosity, then sit with her often. Ask her to show you her ways. Honor her and respect her history of success. Ask her to lead you into your experiences. Learn the threads that weave the warmth in her blanket over mankind. Eventually, Generosity will take notice of your time and studious approach and you will be leading a generous life.

In other words, where does a pianist sit? With his piano.

Whatever you choose to honor daily, choose with the hope and aim of music in the end. This will help you decipher between honoring and respecting something that leads to noise and something that will eventually lead to music.

Mutual respect and honor between musicians and their instruments just may be the holy formula of symphony.

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