A Happy Medium

So who is right? The artist or the scientist?

The artist, with his art instrument clutched in hand, feels a certain way and then paints what he feels. He felt something and, in doing so, found he is right. “You’ll see”, he says.

The scientist, with her proven algorithms and spreadsheets on display, has consistent, repeatable, and predictable proof. What goes up must come down. She knows she’s right. “Wanna make a bet?”, she says.

Back to the original question…who is right between these two? Thought: Just because the artist and scientist clash on their process of getting to what is true doesn’t make one of them wrong.

Leadership, today, recognizes that – simultaneously – the arts (if one finds joy in their experience) and the sciences (if proven in their research) are both right.

So what are you making with your life, your family, and your business? Whatever your answer is here I think, in order to be fulfilled, you need a dash of the both the arts and the sciences.

Some need to see it to believe it. Some need to feel it to believe it. But we all will believe something within an experience that lets us both feel and see.

And that’s what you’re here to give us: that thing you can explain and that thing you can’t explain. 

You’ve got a big job don’t you?

Happy Monday in your happy mediums.

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