A Rant For You – A Rant For us

The Internet has made us more cognizant our joy/happiness or lack thereof than ever before.

Collectively, we spend billions of hours locked into the small screens on our desks or in our palms watching the highlight reels of people we really don’t know.

We see their sepia filtered moments, compare it to our Sochi-filled night, and, in doing so, feel…less. Less fulfilled. Empty of excitement. Low on joy.

We don’t do this on purpose and it was never the goal of the medium’s creator(s). It has just become the norm of what such mediums now hold and when everyone on the planet owns their own media company (and they do now), eventually, “look at me” becomes the chorus of the music the masses posts.

Constant comparison is the hidden thief of our divine moments. Secret: there’s no such thing as a moment that’s not divine.

Click your own like button and see the three-dimensional world before through your own filters.

Then report back and change us.

I bet we’ll click your like button too.

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