What We Say To Ourselves

I’m watching Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic in a live US Open match right now.

Every bit of positive and negative momentum is connected to what the player is telling himself.

I hope you’re still up to watch and think about what you say to yourself about yourself in the matches you find yourself in everyday.

You can ignore the world’s noise, but you can’t mute your own personal dialogue with yourself.

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5 thoughts on “What We Say To Ourselves

  1. mrsg1 says:

    Man, this is profound! Great insight…

  2. Reno Gustafson says:

    I agree! Dad

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  3. Mike says:

    Ashton you need to quit real estate can become the Texas Socrates”!!

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  4. joedalio says:

    As a huge tennis fan and player I see this all the time. It’s amazing how it works ☺

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