Gratitude. Nothing opens us to more possibility and authors in awareness like gratitude.

Water. Your body is 60% water. More water leads to a more energy rich life. Try it, you’ll like it.

Work and creative. Nothing creates better sleep than callused hands and a mind that made progress.

Reflection. Just because we’re in the current of the river doesn’t mean we can’t look down and catch a glimpse of ourselves. The river doesn’t stop or change. The stories we live and tell can though.

Love. That verby, viby, experiential love. The kind that has no explanation other than it echoes of a place you know about, but haven’t yet seen.

There’s more here. But let’s start with these.

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One thought on “Forgettable(s).

  1. Reno Gustafson says:

    I like it!!😄

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