Bug Zappers and Soul Quenching

A few weeks ago I found great clarity in the idea that we must make room in our lives so that we may soak in more of the beauty that we’re here to behold.

This conversation was about consumption, culture supply and soul demand, our social and existential diets, and gaining awareness to just how much of our days are being robbed by the backlit screens on our desks, on our walls, and in our pockets.

I took a new novel to a sports bar tonight. It was weird. But it was the kind of weird that was reverent and right.

I heard last week about a friend who had entrepreneurs over for a special dinner. The goal was to connect these leaders and share with them the purpose of her company in their community. They ate sitting on the floor, discussed four specific words, and heard each other for the evening. I assume it was weird watching everyone squat with a plate and then in the next millisecond I bet it was reverent and right.

Stuff to fill the gaps is in full supply. We call these ‘feeds’. But what’s being supplied isn’t filling us as it feeds us.

It’s in the empty space where the true reflection on our days and lives is had. It’s in vacant moments – the sunsets – the quiet – the jog – the garden – the turning of the page – prayer – meditation – where the soul quenches its demand for transcendence. Make room for empty, don’t run from it. Give reverence some space and watch what unfolds.

The next time your anywhere with many people just look around. And then think of this bug zapper photo below. It’s a scary honest metaphor of what’s happening to us.

bug zapper

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