Your Human Thumbprint > Your Digital Footprint

Have you ever received a thank you note for a retweet? Not likely.

Has anyone ever told you that you clicking a like button changed them? Probably not.

But do you remember a time when someone told you something they see in you? If so, I would bet that you replay that moment quite often in your head.

Can you picture the face of someone that has done something for you that you could never do for them? If so, they’re probably registered in your memory bank under the label ‘hero’.

The digital world is wonderful and a world without geographic barriers is extraordinary, but it’s moving at the speed of light and can be hard to catch your breath and take it all in. It’s here in a flash and scrolled over in sixty seconds.

And then there’s the art of being human…the surrendering from the rat race so we can waltz back to how things are, and actually, how they’ve always been. And that opportunity to lead, connect, and change someone is here today and stays with you and us forever.


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