Lost & Found

When we’re lost in our thoughts we’ll never be found within our present moments.

Sure, we do have thoughts. But we’re not our thinking. And, of course, we do have emotions. But we’re not our emotions.

We are much more than firing neurons.

What if we had a ‘what if’ question to ask in the midst of navigating all of our thoughts and emotions? And what if that question was ‘What if infinite generosity, creativity, and Love was always mapping our steps?’

How could this serve our thinking?

What would this mean for our emotions?

Perhaps every time we “passed go” a little bit lost we’d find ourselves holding a little bit more beauty on the the next lap around.

This is how we must begin to redefine success.

Within every moment, hour, day, and year, we hold just a little bit more beauty than we did before we entered it. And from there, we enjoy it, see with it, share it, and gift it to another as often as we can.


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