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Episode 29: Give-A-Goat with Scott Panella

In 2013, Scott Panella and his family traveled to Uganda to add two boys to their numbers. While there, Scott and his wife Meg saw a great need and realized they could do something about it. Give A Goat was born out of the idea that a single goat can change an entire family. The first goat given, Brownie, was met with tears and laughter. In Uganda, goats are more than a four legged creature–they symbolize hope. Give A Goat believes in something deeper than simply handing a family or organization a piece of livestock; Give A Goat aims to serve the group by providing housing, fencing, food, medical care, and education.

Scott joins us in Episode 29 at Let The Music Play Podcast and shares his beautiful story of finding his true self, building a business that is bigger than just the work of his hands, and how he is making the world a better place.

If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure to share it with those you love and those you lead. As always, you can stream Let The Music Play Podcast in iTunes or at AshtonGustafson.com.



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