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A lot of art.

A dash of change here and there.

A dose of courage.

Bits and pieces of bravery.

Strain in the cherished memories and lessons learned of the past.

Layer in context over content.

A handful of diced disciplines.

A scoop of melted generosity.

Sift in enough fear to know it’s there, but not enough to overwhelm the taste.

Add whimsy to liking. (Use more than you think you need)


Take your time.

Stir until soupy.

Let simmer while you take a long walk.

Enjoy with gratitude and pause long enough to savor the flavor.


Goes well with life, relationships, and business.

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Put this in your pocket.

  • There will be sleepless nights and there will be “why go to sleep?” nights.
  • There will be setbacks and there will be championships.
  • There will be tough decisions and there will good/not so good that follows.
  • There will be risk and there will be reward.
  • And on and on and on.

But don’t separate all of these facts from one another. Appreciate them all for what they are. Allow them to mix and simmer.

Business is soupy.

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