Separate yourself.

Don’t be locked into what your industry and the world has labeled you.

You’re more than a mom. You’re more than an artist. You’re more than a Realtor. You’re more than a coach. You’re more than a teacher. You’re more than a chef. You’re more than what your label infers.

If you were going make music for a living (a good living) would you simply take the music that has already been written and perform that?

No. You would pour yourself into YOUR music. It would keep you awake at night thinking about how to create, write, and bring to market the new. That’s what you would dream of performing. You would feel like that is why you are here…to bring about something new.

Separate yourself, because like it or not the world will know you by your music and block you by your noise.

Commodities = Noise. As you separate from the noise of commoditization there you will find an opportunity to make music and a crowd eager to hear what you’ve got say and play.

Let’s beat the dead horse. Success requires separation.

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