What You’re Supposed To Do vs. What You’re Supposed To Do

We’re supposed to stand and stay in line,

keep our heads down,

stay in the box,

speak when spoken to,

color within the lines,

do it like they did it,

pass some exams,

and get a degree that gets us a job that gets us healthcare and, eventually, gets us retirement.

The problem here is that the grading system that has awarded one’s athleticism to all of this we’re supposed to do is crumbling. The MOMA is full of art that is outside of the lines and the box (and it’s being cheered for). College isn’t finding or getting us THE job it said it would. Free healthcare isn’t providing fulfillment in our jobs. And we’ve thought retirement equaled happiness, but Luby’s five days a week has proven this not to be true.

Shift gears….

…then there is what you’re supposed to do.

That thing inside of you that you can’t shake.

The things that keep you restless on the pillow, but also passionately pulls you from your slumber.

That work that feels like freedom.

That consistent whisper of ‘yes’.

The reason you’re here.

Your music.

Could there be anything worse than looking back at your 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 plus years of doing what you’re supposed to do and seeing yourself stand in line for the retirement you never really wanted in the first place?

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