Smarts & The Road To Superfluous

You were labeled ‘smart’ when I grew up by being able to regurgitate off the cuff how things are and you could recite things that we already knew to be true. Smarts equaled memorization of the past and an understanding of the proven. The smart students understood photosynthesis, could work a mean algebraic problem, and never were outed with having to spell superfluous in the spelling bee.

But look at who we’re referring to (and they most definitely are) as smart today. They are mostly people who take the instruments of creativity and innovation and, with those, make the music of change.

Pat yourself on the back if you know how things are and what has happened up until now. Rest assured, knowing that 1492 rhymes with ocean blue and the historical implications of such a riddle has done nothing for me on this side of academia.

On the flip side, you’ll get patted on the back by showing us how things are going to be. They’ll probably call you ‘smart’ too.

I’m not here to define what smart is. That’s an unnecessary journey. I just know that whatever it is, it points to change and a revelation of the future.

We need you to hold our hand as we walk into tomorrow.

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