What’s Your Musical Consensus?

Look up the word consensus and you’ll find it is synonymous with the word harmony.

If you know the experience, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment for your life, you then know the instruments that make the harmony of your life’s music. In other words, you have a consensus on what your music is.

Jean-Jacques Nattiez once said, “in short, there is rarely a consensus …By all accounts there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be.” True – the world may not be able to agree on defining what music truly is, but I believe, independently, we all can have a consensus. No, we must have a consensus.

Your music is not mine and my music is not yours, but collectively we must celebrate and cheer each other on in the art of making it, defining it, and bringing it into the world.

Want to know why you are here? Go define music and there will be your answer.

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