Similes and Metaphors

What you want is to do and create something fresh, something new, and bring forth to the world something you’ve seen between the lines, that only you can see, and that we need to see. Therein lies a reason to spring out of bed in the morning and an avenue to sleep well at night.

By the very definition of ‘you’ your pursuit should not be to be, become, or produce a simile with your life, brand, and business.

The goal, or better yet, your role, is to be and bring us a metaphor.

Comparing similes and metaphors, it appears a metaphor is the stronger of the two rhetorical analogies to label your days with.

Let’s say this another way, your unlikeness is worth more to us and to yourself than your uniformity is.

This goes for you, your brand, and your music.

Teaching us to fly >Trying to “Be Like Mike”.

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One thought on “Similes and Metaphors

  1. ndavisre says:

    I loved the roots on this: unlike=unique. Thanks for watering and growing the plants as we sprout….

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