There’s something about work that is central to what we do.

Only recently, has it become – right or wrong – a reflection of who we are. Careful with that. I’m afraid, no I’m happy, that was never the intention.

When you think work, think story. And when you think story, think plot.

There’s a couple of ways to define plot:

1) A small piece of ground, generally used for a specific purpose: a garden plot.

2) To conceive and arrange the action and incidents of something.

Create a holy harmony of these two definitions and there you will have the definition of work. Also known as the intersection of where passion meets purpose and the formula for a good night’s sleep. Work is a purposeful garden.

Lastly, there’s a another way to approach the concept of work and that’s through the lens of the protagonist. Who is he? He’s the character in a story that knows what he wants and overcomes conflict to get it. He is the guy plotting his way towards a series of finish lines and victories that his muse has whispered.

It’s work being the protagonist isn’t it?

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