Can’t Quite Put Our Thumbs On It

There are no jobs left.

The only thing that is left standing, or currently asking to be given legs, is the work of art that connects, leads, and changes us.

If one can’t quite put their thumb on that thing you are supposed to do in your field, industry, or line of work – that is good news. In that sense you’re not jobless. And therein lies the role of today’s working artist: take a client, customer, or the recipient of one’s art on a journey and move their thumbs on ‘it’…on enlightenment…on the answer…and even sometimes on the question(s) they didn’t know they should be asking.

It’s time for the proverbial car salesman to forget they don’t sell cars. This goes for all of us.

Or as Paul Valéry once said, “To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees.”

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