Multiplication and Division

You can approach your moments and your days with one of two postures.

The first posture is one of multiplication. Here you seek to enlarge your worldview, raise up those around you, experience and pursue growth, and increase your overall awareness. Another aspect of beauty also unfolds simultaneously here as you grow your capacities which further insures your ability to hold MORE of your approaching experiences. If you were to graph this posture, the trajectory would be up and to the right via hand-holding unity. If you were to pie chart this posture, the entire pie would be growing, not just your piece/good/worldview.

The other choice is a posture of division. Here, everything becomes an opportunity for some form of divisive warfare with opinionated guns shooting scare tactic bullets. The major problem here is that not only are you dividing everything and everybody, but you also are divided…which means we don’t get ALL of you.

Question: Why would you choose to ‘divvy’ out nametags showcasing another’s difference over handing out permission slips encouraging one’s divine uniqueness?

Alas, may we be the kind of people that multiply, enlarge, and grow those we come into contact with.

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One thought on “Multiplication and Division

  1. Olivia Suplemento says:

    Spirit of multiplication and not division

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