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A Poem for your Friday


At hand and among you – tangible and touchable.

An invitation – near and knowable.

Streams unveil that ease is My pace.

Gladdening light, My soil and vase.

“Like this.” “Like this.” “Like this.” “Like this.”

Fire, flowers, and flow insists.

Smile speaks Me.

“Beauty” mirrors Me.

“I Am”.

Are you?


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The need for metaphor(s).

Once you have language you then have eyes.

Once you have eyes you can then have vision.

Once you have vision you can find a way to participate.

Once you are participating you can enjoy.

And if you can enjoy then chances are you won’t regret.

In the end, it starts with knowing your need for words/language/metaphor. They are our bridges and magic carpets.

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It doesn’t mean to kiss up.

It means to look…again.

Re…spect. In other words, re…eye.

To respect is to take a second look.

The second look finds a book under the cover.

The second look sees the soul that swims beneath a role.

The first look shakes hands. The second look holds hearts.

The first look just sees shoes. The second look is now wearing them.



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