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At the center of the universe…

…there is a jazz trio: joy, generosity, and reciprocity. The music they make creates endless waves – each named ‘gift’ – upon which we can surf with our lives, relationships, and vocations.

At the center of our individual, small worlds, there is a scorecard and endless games that involve boundaries, rules, fouls, and the tallying of points as time expires.

Which center will you pledge your allegiance to?

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Ashton’s Weekend Reads & Listens

I started reading Braiding Sweetgrass this week. Seems like this one will be something special.

Brain Picking’s post, Gardening as Resistance: Notes on Building Paradise, was loaded with wisdom. The older I get, the more I find myself leaving the need to be on the constant quest for knowledge to simply becoming a student of the language and wisdom of dirt, seeds, and trees.

Lastly, I’ve poured myself many a cup of Hiss Golden Messenger this spring. Sanctuary and If It Comes in the Morning are so masterfully done. With each spin they get better. Do yourself a favor and Google the lyrics.

Be open.

Stay curious.


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Ashton’s Weekend Read(s)

The art of letter writing is something I’ve noticed leaders do very well. I’ve read two letters to shareholders in the last couple of weeks….one short, one very long. Jeff Bezos ends his final letter as CEO at Amazon in the way only he can. And Jamie Dimon has the sharpest vision I’ve seen.

Godin on Investment and Expenses.

Love and Friendship from the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Red Bird Explains Himself by Mary Oliver.

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When Green, Again, Appears

When the bees begin to leave their honey mansions

to go find groceries

for the village symphony,

I remember

to notice

the green.

Groggy earth and sleepy branches

gently thaw

their memories of winter

& by the trillions

begin to smirk in wondrous, green diversity.

That’s the joke,


they now recall:

death is an illusion.

When the green, again, appears

I consider every moment

I thought

something would end:

me (or what I thought was me)

my joy

my love for another.

How can something that is endless end?


and hear

the green

remind you

of who

you are.

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