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…won’t happen unless we pull back the curtains…

…we won’t pull back the curtains as long as we’re content with the status quo…

…and we’ll be content with the status quo as long as we boast more in the certitude of our answers than we do with the mystery of our questions.

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Waking Up In a Hotel

Discovery is the predecessor of experience, fulfillment, and meaning.

How else can you write new music without seeing a moment or something in a new way?

I don’t think you can.

I thought about this as I woke up in a hotel to speak on LTMP at a conference this morning.

While there’s no place like home, I hope you’ll leave your home each day as if you were traveling.

We point out things, smell the roses more often, and pursue discovery when we are out of our routines.

Our Muse is The Great Concierge and knows all the discoveries to get you to the experience, fulfillment, and meaning your after.

Looking for something to do? Have you asked The Concierge?

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There are thousands of singers (both professional and amateur) that could sell more records than any finalist that will win this year’s American Idol. It’s just a fact.

What do these pros and amateurs lack that the finalist of this years competition have? Discovery.

Or put it another way, they didn’t drive to the audition to stand in line…and, therefore, they didn’t get the chance for a yellow ticket to Hollywood. You can’t win the talent show without entering THE SHOW.

This isn’t just a physical conversation. Of course we must drive to the audition…but…
We must also position and take our minds to a place to birth and discover new ideas on a regular basis.
We must also position and take our souls to discover a place that is bigger than ourselves.
We must also position and take our hearts to discover a place where gardening can occur…growth and pruning.

Position and location – the prerequisites that lead to discovery.

It’s Monday. How will you position yourself and where will you go with what you do? The markets never come to us. Go.

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