The Heart


These things we long to do in the next 365 days. Goals, dreams, and a myriad of won’t-dos and to-dos that are as unique as each one is an individual.

And these are good. We set them. We reach them. We progress.

However, they aren’t us and they aren’t you. As hard as we try to hang a hat on them, the hat just won’t hang (or not like we thought it would).

We aren’t trophies, spreadsheets, calories, or accolades.

We are hearts with hands, feet, eyes, tongues, and ideas.

The great David Crowder gave us a beautiful word picture of the heart, its nest, and the force that powers it. He wrote, “What was said to the rose to make it unfold was said to me here in my chest.” To this day, those words take my breath away.

So rather than give 2015 a number, a net worth, or a behavior modification, what if we gave this year the chance to nourish and bloom that thing in our chest?

When something blooms it has arrived at its most beautiful moment. All the soil tilling and stem growth has led to that moment. In that moment a fragrance is offered, its form marveled, and just the simplicity of this bloom on display can change the vibe and feel of a room.

Perhaps when we are in bloom there’s a fragrant offering to the world, beauty released, and a vibe that changes people, moments, and the universe itself?

The heart…guard it. It’s been called the wellspring of life. We must also garden it so it will be given the opportunity bloom and re-bloom again and again.

Happy New Year.

Let the music play and let the flower bloom.

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2 thoughts on “The Heart

  1. denny bishop says:

    That is a fabulous piece!!!

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